Florida Home Inspection

Most Florida home insurance companies have began requiring inspections that give discounts in exchange for a favorable finding. One of these is called a 4-point inspection and is required for houses that are 30-yrs and older. It tells them when the systems were updated. Color photos are required to be acceptable to insurers.

Let me explain how the four systems are broken down.

The Electrical System

It consists of the age of the main panel, year last updated, total amps, and hazards present. Main concerns include aluminum or cloth wiring, knob and tube, or breakers under 100 amps. These are big no-no’s for most insurers as they are fire hazards. Few companies will not insure homes with these findings.

The Heating System

In Florida, heating is less important than the air conditioning. Good news as it is included in this system. The main concerns include when it was replaced, is it in good working order, any hazards present, and is the source portable. Some insurers offer a mechanical breakdown option for coverage.

The Plumbing System

 Water damage from bursting pipes have cause many extremely expensive claims. Some companies will limit damage caused by water as Citizens took the initiative. In Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade Counties especially. The main concerns are polybutylene or cast iron pipes, the year last updated (determines water coverage), is it in good working order, and are there any active deficiencies. The water heater info would be found here. 

The Roof Section

 In a hurricane, if your home is solid concrete as mine is, then your roof is one way your home could be damaged pretty bad. Insurance is not for maintenance issues but for covered losses. That makes the year of the last update or replacement very important. If there is not at least 5 years of remaining useful life – it will be extremely hard (if not impossible) to get an offer of insurance. A wind mitigation inspection gives a more in-depth look at the discounts. Discounts that can save an Florida home owner $1,000’s in premium payments.


There are many vendors through the State that can perform these types of inspections. They typically run between $75-100 and you can usually get both a 4-pt & Wind Mitigation Inspection for $150. A Statewide company that is pretty efficient is DMI.