What is a Wind Mitigation inspection

You might have been like “what is that? Well, let me explain! To sum it up in a few words – It is an inspection that usually lowers the premium for the wind portion of your insurance cost here in Florida. I have seen people SAVE literally $1,000’s!!

The price is usually around $75-100. Most companies you can get a wind mitigation and 4-point inspection for $150.

The inspections involves verifying roof discounts based upon the way it was constructed or improved. It also takes into account the opening protection, in layman’s terms – hurricane shutters or impact glass, which would protect your windows and objects flying inside your home.

The main points are: Is your roof  up to the Florida Building Code (FBC) standards? What are the roof attachments and what class? Do you have opening protection on ALL WINDOWS, DOORS, & THE GARAGE? If you do not have complete protection, you may not qualify for this discount.